seo in the Kippen

What is Search engine optimisation, SEO?

search engine optimization

Search engine optimisation for small business in the Scottish Kippen.

Agumdoo design offer a free no obligation search engine optimisation site survey, we will take a look at your site, check titles, description and links and give you advice on your content.  SEO is not black magic, it is just about following a few simple rules and making your content fresh, original, interesting and search relevant to your business. Call now 07842910303

Site updating

We also carry out site updating and maintenance on existing websites.

Convert your static html site to a dynamic and easy to update Content Management System.

Search engine optimisation and the importance of blogging.

Why your business should blog

To make your website work for your business, it needs to be seen. The main way people find your website is through search engines.
The more pages your site has, the better chance you have to rank in search engines. The problem is, you don’t just want to fill your site with duplicate or irrelevant pages. That would give a bad impression of your business, and your site would be an untidy rambling affair, which would reflect badly on your company. The best way to add relevant content to your site is by blogging. Every time you post a new blog on your site, that’s a new page on your website, and it’s all contained in your blog keeping your website uncluttered’. making one more opportunity for your site to rank in search.


twutterIf you then tweet about your new post with a link back and maybe a #tag to an important word or phrase to your business this will give a back link to your site which is very good for search engines. Even if you only have 10 followers one or more of them may retweet it. If one of them has 900 followers that’s 1000 occasions for that tweet to be seen and if the tweet is interesting that could snowball.

Post content

blogcloudBreak up your posts into short sound bites separated by images or video and keep them business related (no idle chit chat) with links to other pages on your site if appropriate.

Of course, this is easier to do if you are a Theatre company than a bottle manufacturer, but remember people who buy bottles know about bottles, new bottle materials and changing bottle regulations!