Mobile web sites from Agumdoo Design

Mobile web sitesThere are four times as many mobile phones as PC’s in the world. Web traffic increased 150% in the last year. With the growth of Smart phones iPhones, Blackberries and other mobile devices this is set to increase. 25 percent of Internet browsing is now by smartphones. This makes a mobile friendly version of your website essential.

If your business has no mobile version you are loosing customers.

A mobile-friendly site can increase overall traffic by upto 13%, and if a mobile user is confronted by full version of your site that takes ages to load and does not fit their screen they will leave and not come back. A good mobile site should load quickly and fit the width of the phone screen so you only have to scroll up and down, it should recognise mobile devices and load the mobile version seamlessly.

If your site isn’t optimised for mobile devices that’s a lot of potentially bad website experiences you’re giving your potential customers.

Now is time to get a mobile optimised website and stay ahead of the competition.
Many websites do not view as intended or at all on mobile phones. Potential customers might not be able to find your business, and those that do will not waste time scrolling round a small screen to get to the information or product they need.

mobile web sitesWhat does it cost?

All new sites from Agumdoo come with a mobile version at no extra cost. Adding a mobile version to exsisting sites costs less than you think, ring for a no obligation site survey and quote -07842910303