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CMS conversion

Are you paying a web designer everytime you want to change the text or an image on your website? Would you like to update, add special offers, change pictures or add videos to your website quickley and easily from any PC or mobile device anywhere? Then you need a content management system that will be search engine friendly. We can match you existing design or you could take the opportunity to give your site a complete new look. All your current content will be saved  and added to the new version of your site where with a little tuition you will be able to update pages and add new pages quickly and easily, keeping your site fresh. Your web site will be offline for as little as an hour.  Training and phone support to make editing your site simple are included in the conversion package. CMS conversion.

What is CMS

It means Content Management System. It’s a simple way to manage content on your web site. It allows you or selected users to login to your website using just your web browser. No other software is needed. Choose page you want to edit, edit that page using the wysiwig word processor-like interface, save your changes and then your website is instantly updated.

free initial design

There are many, many advantages to using a web content management system, other than being able to simply edit, delete and add pages to your website, you can add images, PDF files, audio and video files as well. You can edit the navigation menus of your website. Create links to pages or other websites. You can build and edit forms, and image or video galleries yourself. You get a lot of control with a website content management system and you don’t have to wait or pay for a designer to do it.

If this is an option that you are considering a CMS conversion please give us a ring for a free no obligation feasibility study and estimate.

Summer special offer on CMS conversion

Covert your static html website to a dynamic CMS

  • with all exsisting content
  • new design or copy site design
  • easy to edit
  • includes short training course by skype or at our premises
  • all pages search engine optomised
  • access to over 1000 free plugins

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